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Frequently Asked Questions

1 How to execute my order ?


In order to do my purchase

Two ways: - input key words or parameters in a TBS search engine located on the top right side of the screen. - select the items in the Options tab at the top of the screen. And I select my favorite items by choosing the size, color and quantity I need, and confirm those by activating them in my "shopping cart".

I confirm my shopping cart

To make the order come into effect, I click to «see my shopping cart», and then «proceed to checkout», I input or change my information of billing and of shipping when necessary. If I already purchase a TBS item on this website, it is likely to directly connect to my account.

I confirm my detailed information

- I confirm my address of billing - I detail my delivery address - If I want this order to be delivered to another address, I uncheck «Ship to the same address ticker» and I input the information about the shipping address. I can register the new address by clicking on saving it. - I manage all my addresses in the «My address book». - I click on «Pay your order».

I select my shipping method

I can decide to be delivered to my home or at a specified address. I don't forget to write my phone number that can be used to facilitate goods delivery.

I proceed with the payment

I make effective the general terms and conditions of sale, and then I input my personal banking information.

2 Has my order been well recorded?


 1. Once the order confirmed, I will automatically enter the order confirmation page. I can also follow my purchase in « my orders » in the «my account» tab. 2. I receive a confirmation email, which indicates that my order is confirmed and payment have come into effect. 3. I have the possibility to modify my orders when those are not still in effect. Once the order become effective, the shopping cart cannot be changed.

3 How to follow my orders and see their status?


I enter into « my account », and then enter into « my orders», and I will see all the relevant information about my former orders.

4 Where can TBS goods be delivered?


TBS Asia website allows orders to be delivered in China and Asia region only.

5 When I will be delivered?


My orders will be recorded as soon as they come into force. In about 24 to 48 hours, my order will be disposed by TBS teams (except weekend, holiday, or busy periods such as sales or private events). Once my goods were sent to the express company, and I could estimate a period of 2 to 5 working days (except on Sunday and holidays). I could follow my package thanks to the tracking number of package which I would find in “my order” and I can trace my goods on the express company website to follow delivery status.

6 I haven’t yet received my order, is-it normal?


In peak seasons, delivery period can be up to 10 days. I enter into «my order» tab to confirm the payment is successful and the order is recorded by connecting with my login. If I do not understand the problem, I can contact TBS Asia after-sales service at the following address:

7 What are the delivery charges?


We use four different operators whether your goods destination are China or Asia region. The delivery fees vary according to the country of destination and the quantity pieces within your order. The shipping cost information will be provided when placing your order ahead of its confirmation.

8 Could I ask one third party to receive my packages?


The consignee can be the user or another appointed person. TWL will deliver the products in accordance with the delivery address, consignee's name and phone number, which is described in the order. If the consignee in the distribution process requires to change the receiving address, TWL regard it has been consented by the user. In case it leads to an increase in the cost of TWL's freight, it should be borne by the user. In principle, the consignee shall receive in person. In case of special circumstances, the consignee can contact TWL to apply others to sign for it. When the order of delivery is signed, TWL or its representative courier company has the right to ask the consignee to produce an effective identity certificate.

9 What are the payment methods on the website?


I could pay my purchase by using Alipay in China or PayPal portal (supporting credit cards) for Asia region.

10 Are my payments secured?


The payment of my purchase should be made on Alipay and Paypal platforms. Any other payment system is not accepted. Payment will be conducted on the websites of TWL renowned partners. This implies that my personal banking information will not be disclosed to TWL. Once the banking system receives my payment, my order will be recorded immediately. In case of payment by bank, I can pay online via bank cards number, bank date, and the security code on the back of the bank card. Credit card information will be encrypted by SSL (secure secret key), information will not transfer before be encrypted by the network. TWL won't get the information, and will not save them on the server. Therefore, each transaction will be required to reenter the payment information.

11 How to return my order?


I enter into «my account», and then enter «my return» column, and then «fill the return form», and I select the number of relevant order. I should select the good or goods I want to return, and then make effective my request of return. I will receive an email which confirms my order return with the number of return and the tag to affix on my package. I will only pay the cost for the return of discounted goods or promotional items.

12 How much time do I have to return the goods?


For the purchase in Asia excluding China, the return period is 15 days from the date of receipt of the request for returning good or goods which are not suitable for me. Note: the refund will be given for the goods without damage and in the original package.

13 What are the conditions for return and refund?


In case of conducting the right to return in the above period, after receipt of the package, the refund would be conducted on the basis of purchase price and related shipping costs. The goods should be returned in good condition enabling those to being sold again (item must not have been damaged, soiled, washed, altered or worn), in the original packaging, and with the accessories and the copy of purchase invoices. In addition, the good or goods returned shouldn’t be used for sustained period (except for a few minutes), and destroy the trademarks. The refund will be conducted within 30 days after TWL receives the return. If the goods you return cannot be sold again, the return will be refused.

14 How to retrieve a forgotten password?


I enter into the «Connection » tab on the top left of the main page I click the « Password forgotten » I input my email address to receive a link which helps me to reset my password. I check my junk mails in case I haven’t received an automatic answer quickly.

15 How to update my personal information?


All my personal data can be found in « my account ». 1. In the « personal information », I could modify my password, email address and name. 2. In the « my address book », I could change the information of billing and delivery.

16 How to receive TBS discount offers, news and private sale information?


In order to enjoy these benefits, I just need to register to TBS newsletter. To register, I enter into TBS main page and I fill in my email address on the bottom of the page in the dedicated area.

17 How to use my Wishlist?


“My Wishlist” is a simple tool which allows me to choose the goods I like without having to add them to the shopping cart. When I will enter into the column of “My Wishlist”, I can delete some goods, or transfer the goods in the shopping cart and then buy those.

18 Is my information and data protected?


In order to open my account, TBS asked me to provide certain information, especially my electronic address, my name, date of birth and language. I should be responsible for the information and accuracy of my personal information, and to update the information as needed. In any case, will TBS collect and disclose personal information, nor directly or indirectly disclose the race or origin, political or religious views, trade unions, or health related information or sexual life. TBS will not collect any personal information if I am not informed, or without my prior consent. Only the information provided by my initiative will be collected.

19 Where to find a TBS store?


I enter into « the stores » tab situated on the top left side of our page for finding all the stores nearby or at any required location and their relevant information.

20 Follow TBS news


I enter into the upper left « News » tab to get the latest brand information. Thanks to the « Brand » tab on the top left, I could get the information of the history of the brand.

21 Apply for internship or work at TBS?


I enter into the « Contact us» tab which is situated on the bottom right.

22 How to open a store or become TBS's retail partner?


I do not hesitate to contact TWL by email to the following address:

23 How to contact customer service?


In order to track the purchase order in the online store, I create a new file by the Customer Service column accessible in «my account» tab. I can also contact the TBS via the following email address:

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