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User Service Agreement

"" (specific address) is an e-commerce website which Dongguan Teamworld Trading Co., Ltd. (herein after referred to as "TWL") exploit to the user. This agreement is a contract signed between the user and TWL in relation to the service of the website. Please read the service agreement carefully, and then click the "agree and continue" button. This Agreement shall be valid for all time, and shall be stipulated in accordance with the provisions of the law or the agreement of the parties.

A. First, account, password and other information

1. Registration qualification

The user should be a natural person or corporation or other organization with the corresponding rights capability and capacity for civil conduct and be able to bear the legal responsibility. The user complete the registration process and actually use the website services, which means that you confirm your subject qualification and you can independently bear the legal responsibility. If the user is under 18 years old, then he doesn’t have the qualification, the guardian is responsible for the all the consequences of he’s conduct.

2. Registration information

The user should provide the registration information to the site in good faith. The user agrees that the registration information provided is true, accurate, complete and valid. If the user provides the registration information is not legitimate, inaccurate, inaccurate, not detailed or not timely update of the registration information, users need to bear the corresponding responsibility and consequences, and TWL reserves the right to terminate the use of the platform. When the user browse the website , shopping online and other activities, TWL will keep the user's real name, address, contact phone, e-mail and other privacy information strictly confidential. Unless required by the user's authorization or law, TWL will not disclose user privacy information.

3. Account

After the success of the user registration, the user will have a website dedicated account and the corresponding password. The account and password will become a certificate of the user to login website of, use the service of carry out transactions, complete payment and enjoy it’s other service. The account name shall not be infringed or suspected of violating the lawful rights and interests of others and shall not violate the relevant laws and regulations and policies of the state. Otherwise, TWL has the right to terminate it’s service to the user and cancel the user's account. After the account is canceled, the corresponding account name will be open to any user for registration.

4. Password

The user should carefully and rationally preserve, use the account name and password and deal with by behavior on the implementation of the account name and password. The user can not transfer or authorize others to use their own account and password of the website in any form. If the user’s managements result in account and password to be copied or stolen, the corresponding losses shall be borne by the user. At the same time, all responsibilities caused by the activities between the user and TWL through the user's personal account should also be borne by the user.

5. Account security

If users find any illegal use and other potential threat to the safety of the account, should immediately notify TWL through special customer service and other effective ways and request TWL to suspend related services, and to report to the public security organs. The User understand that TWL need to take a reasonable period of time to take action, TWL will not undertake any responsibility of the consequences which is happened before take action.

B. The basic user rules

1. Special tips for users, the use of the Internet must comply with the relevant national policies and laws, including the criminal law, national security law, security law, computer information system security regulations to protect national interests and national security. The responsibility of the illegal use of Internet should be borne by the user.

2. The user in the application for the use of network services provided by the TWL shall provide accurate personal information to TWL. If such personal information has any changes, the user must be update in time. If there is reasonable reason to doubt that the user provides the information error, false, failure or incomplete, TWL has the right to issue a notice to the user and ask for correction, or delete the relevant information directly,until the termination of some or all services. TWL does not assume any responsibility and the user will assume any direct or indirect expenses that will be produced.

3. The user can publish and reviews information about product or service and other information on "the", but must not use the information of the TWL's services to send or transmit sensitive information and what violate of national laws and regulations, such information includes but not limited to:

  1. Against the basic principles set by the constitution;
  2. endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subversion of state power, and undermining national unity;
  3. damage to the national honor and interests;
  4. incitement to ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermine national unity;
  5. the destruction of the state's religious policies, the cult and the feudal superstition;
  6. spreading rumors, disrupting social order, and destroying social stability;
  7. the distribution of obscene, pornographic, gambling, violence, murder, terror or the solicitation of a crime;
  8. insult or slander others, infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of others;
  9. other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

The user purchases goods and enjoy other services of TWL shall follow the following principles:

  1. Observe the relevant laws and regulations of china;
  2. A network service system shall not be used for any illegal purpose, and the user shall comply with all the network protocol, rules and procedures about network services. The user shall not use TWL’s service system to do any action that may adversely affect the normal operation of the Internet;
  3. The user shall not conduct commercial advertisement without the approval of TWL; Also shall not use the data on the TWL’s website for commercial use, including but not limited to, without the prior written consent of TWL, copy, spread and any other way to use TWL’s data;
  4. shall not use false information, or pretend to be others or other party to register and post a comment or other content; shall not to evaluate other accounts in the form of fictitious or false facts; shall not take improper way to create or improve the credibility of its own; shall not take improper way to create or improve or decrease the credibility of the other members;
  5. shall not use any device, software or routine procedure to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of the website or disturb any transaction or event that is being carried out by "the" shall not take any unreasonable huge data to lead to huge load imposed "site name" network equipment;
  6. Shall not use the Internet services to conduct any unfavorable action to TWL.

4. The user has the right to impeach. If the user find any illegal and irregular, infringement or any other violation of this service agreement when using the service of " " , shall have the right to pass a special customer service way to report TWL, TWL will verify the contents of report and take corresponding measures. The user ensure the authenticity, integrity of the report, and at the same time respect to TWL’s disposal measures of matters to be reported. The user to be reported has the right to defending through specialized customer service way, but does not affect the company initially take corresponding measures (specific measures include but not limited to the way this article fifth),.If TWL admit the user's defense will resume its service. TWL will keep the user’s report confidential, but if TWL found that the user takes a malicious prosecution after the verification, TWL will limit the user to use its account to login "the" within days.

5. The user violate this rule of "the basic user rules ", TWL has the right to take warning, require to correct within deadline, suspend service, cancel orders, prohibit transactions, close account, give permanent ban on registration and other measures. if such violation lead to losses of TWL or a third party, TWL has the right to take all legal proceedings and accusing the means to claim for compensation. If the user’s behavior constitutes a crime, TWL has the right to inform and assist national authorities to investigate.

C. User privacy protection

TWL does not disclose, transfer, lease or sell the list of transactions, transaction records and other personal privacy information and the user's privacy information, unless TWL is on the basis of good faith to judge that the disclosure of this information is necessary.

1. The protection of user registration information

The user may authorize TWL to disclose its registration information to third parties. TWL will not disclose the user's real name, address, mailing address, email address, telephone, etc unless in the following situation

  1. TWL may disclose such information in an email service or other way after a user has been expressly authorized;
  2. The relevant laws, regulations and requirements of the competent authorities of the relevant government departments require TWL to provide the user's personal data;
  3. in order to protect the public and (or) " " or TWL's legitimate interests;
  4. TWL may cooperate with the third party to provide users with network services, in that case, If the third party agrees to assume the same protection in the privacy of the user with TWL , TWL has the right to provide the user's registration information to the third party;
  5. On the premise of not revealing the privacy of a single user, TWL has the right to analyze the entire user database and make use of the commercial use of the database.

2. Protect the information that the user preserved and published.

TWL will not disclosure confidential information that is released or stored on "the", unless TWL is based on good faith, and the following information will be deemed necessary:

  1. to comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and the requirement of relevant state authorities, TWL has the right to disclose the following information: the information provided by the user on the website, the time of information; the Internet address or domain name; and other information that is uploaded to the " ".
  2. To comply with the service procedures of the "", including the process of order, payment, delivery, receiving, return and other procedures;
  3. For the maintenance of the intellectual property rights of TWL;
  4. Other good faith and necessary circumstances.

D. Commodity prices and price changes

1. The reference price of the product will be displayed on the " ", this kind of information may be changed at any time and without any notice. The price of the product contains the added-value tax, the service charge of the products is exclusive, (the service charge will be different from the user's choice of delivery mode). After TWL confirmed the user's order, if following situations happen, such as the supplier put up price, tax changes , or due to the failure of the website caused commodity price changes, TWL has the right to cancel orders, and notify the user by e-mail or phone calls.

2. TWL will do its best to ensure that the price of products is the same as the price of the website. but the price list and the statement does not constitute an offer. Until the user sends orders to TWL, TWL can only confirm the price of the products. if TWL found that commodity pricing errors before confirmation of order, TWL will take the following measures:

  1. If the correct price of a commodity is lower than the error price on the website, it is sold to the user at a lower price.
  2. If the correct price of a commodity is higher than the error price on the website, TWL will be determined according to the situation, whether to contact the user for advice before delivery, or cancel the order and notify the user.

E. Order

1. The product information and product availability will be specified in the " "on the website. The User should carefully verify the above information before submit an order, and the system will automatically send a confirmation email to the user. After the user confirm the order, TWL will review customer order and arrange the delivery after approved.

2. If the products the user ordered is out of stock, TWL and the user all have the right to unilaterally cancel the order, and inform each other in an effective way.

3. TWL will try to ensure the accuracy of the product information and the availability, but it still may be error due to personnel operations, system problems and other force. in this case,

  1. TWL will be confirm with the user to correct
  2. TWL and the user has the right to cancel the order
  3. complete the transaction in accordance with the right information.

4. If the user purchases a variety of products in a order and TWL only delivery a part of the products, the user should contact with TWL, and TWL will return to the user the part of the money or delivery the remaining products to the user.

F. Delivery and reception of products

1. Distribution scope will be publicized on the " ". The user should read carefully and make confirmation again before offer every order, making sure the submitted address belongs to the scope of delivery. An order with delivery address beyond the scope of the delivery scope is invalid, and TWL has the right to unilaterally cancel the order.

2. Before submit the order, the user should confirm the delivery address. If the delay delivery, delivery errors or not distribution caused by the user address error, the user has to assume the responsibility. When resulting in duplication of delivery, TWL has the right to charge in accordance with the actual delivery times and the cost of logistics.

3. The consignee can for the user or someone else. TWL will deliver the products in accordance with the delivery address, consignee's name and phone number, which is described in the post audit order. f the consignee in the distribution process requires to change the receiving address, TWL regard it has been consented by the user. which leads to an increase in the cost of TWL's freight, and should be borne by the user.

4. 4. In principle, the consignee shall receive in person, in case of special circumstances, the consignee can contact TWL to apply others to sign for it. When the order of delivery is signed, TWL has the right to ask the consignee to produce an effective identity certificate.

5. If the user has no legitimate reason to reject the products, then TWL has the right to cancel the order of the user. If the situation is bad, TWL has the right to take a freeze, close the account, permanent prohibition of registration and other measures, and retain the right to pursue compensation.

6. TWL will put the products (goods) to the user specified delivery address, the delivery time all listed on the website is used for calculation. The calculation of the reference time is based on the inventory status, the normal process and delivery time, delivery location etc. As the following situation caused by the delay in delivery or unable to distribution, TWL does not undertake the responsibility of the delay in delivery:

  1. The information provided by the user is wrong, and the address is not detailed, etc.;
  2. No sign is received after the products are delivered, resulting in an unable or delayed delivery of the products;
  3. Due to the national policy, administrative measures, the current law, price changes, and other factors of change of circumstances;
  4. Force majeure factors, such as: natural disasters, traffic control, war and other emergencies.

G. Payment and refund

1. The payment requirements will be publicized on the " ". Users should choose the payment method when confirming the order, and strictly in accordance with the chosen way to pay. The user failed to complete the payment in accordance with the manner in which it is chosen or the time required, TWL has the right to cancel the order.

2. The refund policy will be publicized on the " ". Cash payments due to return or exchange goods out of stock, TWL will return to the user, Return way varies depending on the means of payment. The user should refund money back strictly according to the way and period of a refund.

H. Return and exchange goods

The policy of return and exchange goods will be announced on the " ". TWL carry out different return and exchange policies depend on the merchandise variety. The user should carefully read and understand before apply for return or exchange, at the same time, the user should strictly in accordance with the related process and requirements to complete the process.

I. Refused to guarantee and liability limits

1. unless expressly written instructions, TWL will do not express or implied in the statement or guarantee for the website information, content, materials, products or services (except as otherwise stipulated by the law of the People's Republic of China); Also nor on these information, content, materials, products, including software and services, users, or purchase and use of products caused by any damage liability (except that which shall bear the responsibility according to the law of the people's Republic of China),including but not limited to the direct, indirect or consequential punishment and penalty and the result of damages. Users explicitly agree that, they will taking a risk on using the "" service.

2. unless expressly required by the laws and regulations, or in the case of the following circumstances, otherwise, TWL has no obligation to check all users of the registration data, trading behavior and other issues related to the transaction :

  1. TWL has reasonable grounds to believe that a particular user and specific transactions may be any illegal or default;
  2. TWL has reasonable grounds to believe that the behavior of users on the site of alleged illegal or inappropriate.

3. The user understands and agrees that TWL does not assume liability for any damage caused by any of the following circumstances, including, but not limited to, loss of profits, goodwill, use, data, etc.:

  1. Use or fail to use the "" service;
  2. Third party without the approval of the user, using the user's account or changing the user's data;
  3. The user's misunderstanding of "the"
  4. Any other loss which does not arising from TWL.

4. Users understand that the use of the "" to provide services, which may exist threat, sexual, libel, offensive or illegal content or behavior from other pepole, may the rights of others (including but not limited to intellectual property rights), the user agrees to bear the above risks, TWL does not make any type of security.

5. The user understand that the website services relates to Internet services and telecommunications value-added services, which may be affected by various aspects of the impact of instability. There are risks of service interruption or cannot meet the requirement of the user due to force majeure (including but not limited to natural disasters, government behavior, government behavior and social anomalies such as war, strikes, riots and other social anomalies), computer virus or hacker attacks, national relevant industry authorities and telecom operators adjustment, instability of the system ,the user's location, the user's shutdown and other technology, interconnection network, communication line etc. The user agrees to take the above risks, and TWL does not make any guarantee about them. For the user cannot send, upload and read the message, or hair wrong messages, or other communication conditions cannot be achieved, TWL does not undertake any responsibility.

J. Intellectual property rights

1. TWL has absolute, complete ownership and intellectual property rights of all the content of on " ", or has achieved legal authority, the content includes text, pictures, graphics, photos, software, sound, images, and all the contents of advertising, all the content informed by the " " and the other information. All of them are protected by laws of copyright, trademarks, property rights and other intellectual property rights. The user can only use these contents under the authority of TWL , and can not copy, edit, adapt, spread the content, or apply any form of the right for the content, or create derivative products related to the content. At the same time, these contents can not be used for any product or service that may cause confusion or degradation of the " ".

2. Without the written authority of TWL, the user may not use any way to modify the site name, site content, nor copy, download the content, data, information on "the" for resale or commercial use. User was awarded a limited, revocable, and non-exclusive right to establish a connection to the "" home page links, at the same time, this link may infringe on false, misleading, belittle, or other means of "site name" goods and services.

3. The user author TWL exclusive, universal and permanent, free license to use the right of all the content(and have the right to re authorize the right to re authorize) which the user publish and save on the "" (except for the user's real name, address, contact phone, email, and other privacy).In addition, TWL has the right to use, copy, revise, publish, , distribute, execute and display all of the user's data (including but not limited to the public information, trading data and all kinds of information that is displayed on the website) or produce its derivative works in any form, media or technology that is now known or later developed. The user further confirm that TWL’s use of content is based on the user's legitimacy, compliance and management authority to make commitments and guarantees, TWL's use does not mean that TWL approved the user's point of view or commitment to take any responsibility for the content. Regardless of whether TWL use the contents of the user or not, the user should be independent, fully responsible for its content. If TWL suffer any dispute, claim or charge against the use of the content, the user should take full responsibility for the content and compensate for the loss suffered by TWL.

K. The liability for breach of contract

1. if the user fails to comply with any term of the service agreement, TWL has the right to immediately terminate the provision of all services, and retain the right to pursue legal means.

2. The user agrees to pay the fees, litigation costs, expenses etc., as well as all the damages caused by the breach of service agreements. If the user's password, the account was stolen, unless it is TWL's fault, otherwise the user should bear all the responsibilities and consequences arising from being stolen.

L. Service provision and service amendments

1. The user accept, with the development of market environment, network environment, and the "" itself, TWL will change the terms of service provision if necessary, once the change, the "" will publish revised terms or notification in the station announcement, station letter, e-mail or other written form .

2. The user accept, TWL has the right to modify or interrupt service in any time without notifying in order to protect the company's business development and adjustment of autonomy. TWL exercise the right to modify or interrupt service will not responsible for the user or any third party. The users must agree to this terms as premise, TWL then begin to provide services to the user.

3. If the user is opposed to any changes and amendments of the terms or service, or the user have objections of the subsequent terms or services, or dissatisfy with TWL's service, the user enjoy the following rights:

  1. No longer use the services of TWL and the service of "the"
  2. To cancel the account on his own or to end his qualification to enjoy the service of TWL and "the" in a way that is permitted;
  3. Notice in writing to TWL to cease its services.
  4. after the end of the service, the user's right to use the service of "the" is terminated immediately, and TWL will not assume any obligation to the user.

4. Once the user chooses to continue to use the service of "the", then said that the user has accepted the terms and service. When disputes happen between the user and TWL, The latest terms of service shall prevail. Unless there is a separate clear statement, any new content to expanse the service scope and enhance the function of "the" is subject to the provisions of this clause.

M. Legal jurisdiction and Application

The conclusion, execution and interpretation of this Agreement shall apply to the effective law applicable to the mainland of the people's Republic of China. In case of conflict between this Agreement and the applicable law, these terms will be fully explained in accordance with the law, and other effective provisions shall remain valid. Where the parties agree on the contents of this agreement or the execution of any dispute, the two parties shall endeavour to settle the dispute. If consultation fails, both parties agreed to take TWL’s subsidiaries in Dongguan of the people's court for the jurisdiction of the court.

N. Other terms

1. The terms of this service agreement and related statements, instructions, rules, policies, procedures on "the" are the valid complete agreement between TWL and the user, which will continue to be effective to the user , until the user cancel the account or be canceled and stop using the website service. But the rights and obligations has been generated between TWL and the user, are binding upon both parties.

2. TWL will according to the service characteristics, requires the user to comply with terms of the specific conditions when the user is registering. Such as the specific terms and conditions and terms of service agreement above is inconsistent, the specific terms and conditions shall prevail.

3. Regardless of the reasons, any term of this service agreement is fully or partially invalid, the remaining provisions shall be valid and binding.

4. The title, serial numbers of this service agreement are set for easy to read, which doesn’t affect the actual meaning of the terms and their effectiveness.

5. The terms of marks like in bold, bold, italic, underline etc in this agreement, please read carefully.

6. TWL has the interpretation of the above terms.

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