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1. Delivery areas

TBS site only supports delivery in China and Asia. The delivery of goods will be carried out in accordance with the address which I provided in the order procedure.

2. Delivery methods

According to the destination, TWL cooperates with the following operators:


Shipping partner

China, Taiwan, Hong Kong


Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia






Should you need a delivery in other destinations, kindly contact TWL teams by email: prior to order confirmation.

3. Delivery time

TBS manages the orders from Monday to Friday (except holidays), the average processing time is 48 hours. During special periods (especially during sales or special events), processing time may be extended because of the extensive number of orders. I should add the processing time to the transportation time. The maximum delivery time (including transporting time) is 15 days from when the order becomes effective, unless contrary rule before the order takes effect. Once the goods are delivered to the customer through the courier partner the delivery is deemed to be completed.

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